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Wellness in the Workplace

Delighted to talk at The Epi Centre breakfast network meeting, raising awareness to local business owners and tenants that you do not need to be at rock bottom to ditch the booze. Highlighting what a Grey area drinker is and offered some top tips for taking a break from the booze.  

Often the workplace would be the last place an individual would discuss ditching the booze or admitting it was a problem for them for fear of losing their position or worse being sober shamed!

Educating CEO's, Directors and Manager to be mindful of the workforce wellbeing by informing them that having a break from the booze has so many benefits for their physical and mental health, which ultimately is going to improve productivity and be a win for both employers and employees.  Connection is key so why not let me kick start your team into discussing the dangers of alcohol, benefits of having a break and top tips on how to get started.


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