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My Story

In my early 40s, I became increasingly conscious of my health. I had been a regular drinker for over 25 years, and I felt lethargic and discontent. Despite maintaining a consistent exercise routine, I realized that alcohol was not conducive to my physical and mental well-being, nor did it align with the healthy lifestyle I aspired to. I experimented with various self-imposed rules, from abstaining on weekdays to limiting myself to just one (albeit large) glass of wine each night, and even abstaining completely, only to find myself back at it after a two-week break. At one point, I even tried a three-day break to give my liver a chance to repair. I can't recall where I read that the liver could recover in just three days, but I was caught in a cycle of wavering between not wanting to drink and then giving in on occasions like Fridays, celebrations, good days, or bad days. I lacked a functional "off switch" when it came to alcohol; one drink was never enough.

Then, in 2019, I embarked on the Sober October challenge. I knew it would be a significant challenge, but I was determined to follow through because I couldn't let down Macmillan Cancer Support or waste the generous donations from friends and family. During that month, I immersed myself in understanding the impact of quitting alcohol. I joined several sober communities, delved into quitting literature, listened to audiobooks, engaged in live discussions on Facebook, tuned in to sober podcasts, and quickly realized that life could be fulfilling without alcohol. I discovered a whole community of like-minded individuals. This experience served as the catalyst I needed. I thought to myself, "If I can do a month, why not extend it to another month, and another... maybe even forever?"

It was time to leave alcohol behind for my health and well-being. I hadn't experienced a rock-bottom moment, and from an outsider's perspective, I was just an ordinary person who enjoyed a drink. However, I had become acutely aware of the detrimental effects of this legal substance on the human body and mind. I'm not only referring to the hangovers and that dreadful "hanxiety" feeling the next day. I had delved into the long-term effects and understood how strenuously the body had to work with alcohol in the mix.


Another crucial factor was the significant improvement in how I felt, both physically and mentally. I noticed increased energy, a more positive outlook, reduced anxiety, and a heightened sense of happiness and proactivity. Even my husband remarked on my newfound calmness. I was frequently complimented on my improved appearance. I embarked on the Couch to 5K program, completed my first half marathon, shared my story on the Alcohol-Free Life Podcast, and gained the confidence to complete an accredited sober coaching course. I then established my own business to help others enjoy an alcohol-free life they never thought possible.

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